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Enjoy Exclusive Women Morocco Tour To The Fullest

No matter which culture it is, women always enjoy the freedom to experience new things. One special thing about women is that they have unabashed curiosity and an exceptional sense of discovery. We recognize that and, hence, we promote a healthy lifestyle for women. Exploring different places is also a part of it. An exclusive women Morocco tour with us offers an opportunity to witness the best this world has to offer.

The women Morocco tour is a realistic, cultural experience. With its close ties to Europe, proximity to the Sahara Desert, and roots in Northern Africa, Morocco has a flamboyant culture expressed in its unique, music, architecture, cuisine, and textile.

Warm and hospitable, this richly diverse country called Morocco has amazing people who share a passionate love of art, music, and sublime food. With a reputation for ethnic and religious tolerance, the country has a long history of social traditions. With us, your journey through this fascinating land of diversity is a feast of cultural and sensory delights.


Break Bread With Amazigh Families

Everyone knows about Marrakech, which is a good place to set off. But, when with us, you will experience the other side of Morocco that you will not find in guidebooks. In remote homes of Morocco, break bread with Amazigh families. You would love to see how in those small villages an artist co-op is empowering female rug-weavers. Hiking with the region’s first local female guide offers you an opportunity to take in the beauty of the far-flung M’goun Valley. In rural communities, you also get to enjoy dancing and the singing of Moroccan women in cultural ceremonies.

The trip has everything that a women’s exclusive tour must have. From classic adventure to local leadership to private transport to real-life experiences, you will get everything in this women Morocco tour.

Morocco’s heritage offers visitors an encounter with a shopper’s paradise of magnificent markets, exotic society, new customs, and incomparable cuisine.


Get To Visit Special Places

Some of the most interesting corners of Morocco are in Agouti Gorge, Marrakech. But, wait! There’s a twist or you can call it a privilege of being invited into places an all-female group where, because of local laws and customs, a mixed gender group wouldn’t be able to tread.

In Bou Tharar village, you’ll be hosted by local women. Here, you will get an opportunity to get stuck into making a breakfast of khobz flatbread along with traditional farming skills, and enjoy a special performance from a female-only band. Isn’t it exciting?

You’ll be guided through a Moroccan backcountry. Many tourists don’t get to see the various sites that this tour offers- hiking through the desert, scaling the valley-view Tissardan Pass, and as you explore the Atlas Mountains, tracing the M’Goun River.

The joy is not over yet! Want to have real fun? A henna party and an exotic cooking workshop await you. Add into the mix camel trekking on the beach in Essaouira, a hot air balloon ride over Marrakesh’s Atlas Mountains, visits to women’s cooperatives, spas and hammams, wine tastings, and more from our women-exclusive Morocco tours.



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