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Best DMC Morocco provides excellent opportunities to discover the culture of food and art. Our culinary art tours are ideal for people interested in having an artistic and cooking experience along with a tour of the beautiful country.

What is a culinary tour?

A culinary arts tour includes several activities, such as tasting local delicacies, attending cookery classes, touring vineyards, fruit orchards, and wineries, partaking in food /wine events and cooking competitions, etc.

We are a local Moroccan tour company specializing in packaged group tours and building personalized packages to suit your needs and budget. We can take you around the enchanting cities of Morocco, experience the rose-colored kasbahs, and consume tea with Berber families in their mountain villages. You will still have ample time to shop and relax in each place.

Who should take this tour?

Taste of Home Morocco culinary art tours are ideal for those interested in looking for a vacation that includes activities like Baking Bread with the Berbers, taking a cooking class with a Dada Chef, enjoying the world of Moroccan Street Food, or learning the Art of Moroccan Pottery, also called Zelli Tile Design, with local tradesman. Relish in a Moroccan Patisserie (French Pastry) Class, Artisan Cheese Tasting, or a Boutique Winery Tour. We have all these activities on our tours and can arrange them if you want a customized tour for your family or friends.

Moroccan Cuisine is the cooking star of North Africa. Royal and cultural forces have been screened and blended into Morocco’s civilization. Being at the hubs of many societies, the Cuisine of Morocco is a concoction of Berber, Middle-East, Mediterranean African French, , Moorish, Middle Eastern, , Iberian, and Jewish influences. Moroccan cuisine is characterized by a variety of spices, a fantastic assortment of vegetables and spices, and couscous. Moroccan cooking is enriched with both dried and fresh fruits. Lemons kept in a salt-lemon juice mixture bring a distinctive face to many Moroccan chicken and squab dishes. The cooks in the monarchial kitchens of Meknes, Fes, Marrakech, Rabat, and Tetouan refined Moroccan Cuisine over the centuries and is the basis for what is known as Moroccan Cuisine today.

Join our culinary art tours and learn the secrets of Moroccan dishes by watching renowned chefs prepare classic products, including flavored soups, stew-like tagines, salads of raw or cooked vegetables, and savory and sweet pastry delights.

We have selected the best shops, hotels, and factories so you can experience the real Morocco with local culinary experts, professional chefs, artists, and merchants. Best DMC Morocco’s travel experts can customize and create a private Food and Art Tour matching your needs.

Allow us to be your agent and guide in your Morocco travel. Contact us with your requirements, and we will customize a passionate private journey, take you around the country, and organize your stay at charming places. Visit our website and have a look at our various tour itineraries. Please fill out the Contact Us form; our experts will get back to you with a package.



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